Governing through a crisis – discussion & decisions

The CEO of ​NZHIT (New Zealand’s peak body for those involved the digital health sector), Scott Arrol, got in touch to ask a few questions to our Digoshen Impact Partner, Chairman, Dr Peter Crow about the contribution of boards during times of crisis—a topical subject!

Dr Peter Crow shared:

The primary challenge for boards in such times is working out how to respond. The playbook that may have served well in the past is, probably, of little use now that the operating context has been flipped on its head. Despite this, the board remains responsible for business performance, so respond it must.

During their conversation (which was recorded, see below), they touched on the following points:

  • The board’s role during and following a crisis
  • Frequency and conduct of board meetings and management interaction
  • Balancing the tension between the here-and-now, and the longer-term
  • Tips for more effective decision-making
  • The ‘touchstone’ value of a clear purpose and coherent strategy
  • Eliciting multiple perspectives; reading widely; asking probing questions
  • Making a difference (adding value, in practical terms)
  • Governing in the healthcare sector, specifically

NZHIT Insights Interview with Peter Crow talking about governance during a crisis, 11 May 2020

Scott Arrol, NZ Health IT CEO, talks with Peter Crow who shares key insights about leadership and governance during a crisis especially how he’s guided organ…










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This Blogpost was first shared at Peter Crow blog

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