Live Sessions

Digoshen International Live Sessions 

Increased speed, uncertainty, business complexity and new opportunities has put unprecedented challenges on board members & executives globally.

If you are a practicing board member that want to find a safe ground to discuss the board’s guidance of corporate renewal, we welcome you to join our Open Live Sessions


Our ambition is to

  • Ensure that participating board members & executives stay on top of current business impacting topics

  • Inspire improved board & executive leadership and balance the guidance and supervisions

  • Facilitate the speed of sharing with an exprienced network and provide opportunity for support exchange.

Upcoming Live Sessions

Upcoming  Digoshen International Live Sessions schedule, normally 8-9 AM CET, 12-13 CET or 16-17 CET,  Live exchanges include a host presentation followed by interactive discussions with fellow board directors in breakoutrooms, followed by a joint recap of insights.   

 For practicing board members and business executives with at least one board role 

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For 2022 we will continue in Modern Corporate Governance as New strategy, Digital challenges, Purpose and Sustainability, Talent & Succession, Board Recruitement in international context, Governance of M&A and Merger Integration, Board work in multicultural settings, Governing Startups & ESG etc


Also find more Webinars and Peer Exchanges that we organise via Boards Impact Forum    

Past Live Sessions

Digoshen Exploring Leaders Membership – Master Programs 

Digoshen Exploring Leaders Membership – Master Programs


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The Digoshen International Live Sessions are facilitated by Digoshen Impact Partners


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