Live Sessions

Digoshen International Live Sessions 

Increased speed, uncertainty, business complexity and new opportunities has put unprecedented challenges on board members & executives globally.

If you are a practicing board member that want to find a safe ground to discuss the board’s guidance of corporate renewal, we welcome you to join our Open Live Sessions


Our ambition is to

  • Ensure that participating board members & executives stay on top of current business impacting topics

  • Inspire improved board & executive leadership and balance the guidance and supervisions

  • Facilitate the speed of sharing with an exprienced network and provide opportunity for support exchange.

Upcoming Live Sessions

Upcoming  Digoshen International Live Sessions schedule, normally 8-9 AM CET, 12-13 CET or 16-17 CET,  Live exchanges include a host presentation followed by interactive discussions with fellow board directors in breakoutrooms, followed by a joint recap of insights.   

 For practicing board members and business executives with at least one board role 

Find scheduled open webinars under Calendar – Headline Digoshen Live Exchange

For 2022 we will continue with current board topics as

February – Board Recruitement in international context

March – Governance of M&A and Merger Integration

April/May – Board work in multicultural settings

We will continue with current topics in Modern Corporate Governance as New strategy, Digital challenges, Purpose and Sustainability, Talent & Succession   

Past Live Sessions

Digoshen Exploring Leaders Membership – Next cohorts 

Digoshen Exploring Leaders Membership – Next cohort

For board members and business executives with one board role

We currently provide the following Master Programs with Deep Dive Learning Exchanges


Digoshen International Chair and Mature Board Member Exchange, next start Q1 2022

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The Digoshen International Live Sessions are facilitated by Digoshen Impact Partners


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