Fortnightly International Board & Executive Exchange Webinars

Increased speed, uncertainty, business complexity and new opportunities has put unprecedented challenges on board members & executives globally.


At Digoshen, an organisation with multi country Practicing Board Members & Business Executives,

we run fortnightly Digoshen International Exchange Webinars on current board & leadership topics for practicing board members & business executives.

Our ambition is to

  • Ensure that participating board members & executives stay on top of current business impacting topics

  • Inspire improved board & executive leadership and balance the guidance and supervisions

  • Facilitate the speed of sharing with an exprienced network and provide opportunity for support exchange.

Upcoming Exchange Webinars

Digoshen International Exchange Webinar schedule

Upcoming Fortnightly Digoshen Board & Executive Exchange Webinars schedule, 8-9 AM CET or 12-13 CET

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For practicing board member

 >> Sign up for Monday June 8 at 8-9 AM CET – Effective Decision Making, speed and strategy in balance. 


For practicing board member

Join our Exclusive Membership for international practicing board members. Next cohort starting June 22, read more and  apply to join by June 15 


Digoshen International Exchange Webinars dates & topics

Future planned dates for Digoshen International Exchange Webinars; 


Date Aug 25 12-13 CET  – Rethink. What to build on? What to create? (for board members and business executives)

Date Sept 9 8-9 CET  – How to get the board to think ahead (for board members)

Date Sept 30 8-9  – Sustainable business. How and for whom? (for board members and business executives)

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Past Webinars

The Digoshen International Exchange Webinars are facilitated by Digoshen Impact Partners


Read more about them >> here


Liselotte Engstam


Pia Gideon


Peter Crow


Fennemiek Gommer


Leif Fagelstedt


Anne Mieke Eggenkamp


 Fernanda Torre