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Digoshen Survey & Research. Digital business capability and digital leadership capability positioning development.  Assessing both company and individual leader capability and linking to proven improvement practices, aligning with other research including fr0m MIT. 



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Leading Chairman Board Practices (2019-2022)

An academic research led by INSEAD Professor Stansilav Shekshnia, where 18 experts, from 14 European countries, including Digoshen Founder Liselotte Engstam, interviewed more than 300 chairs, CEOs, directors and shareholders to detect and compare specific practices and instruments that chairs use to deal with various challenges. Researchers also assessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work of chairs and the boards they lead. The research included mainly incumbent chairs but also directors, shareholders, CEOs  in developing a systemic understanding of the work of a chair in the European business context and gaining insights into how the leader of the board deals with specific challenges.

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An additional academic review and paper was done on Nordic boards and chairs

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Boards guidance on Innovation and Corporate Renewal (incl Sustainability)  (2017-2022)

Academic Research, including two Vinnova co-funded projects, OSIRIS and SISU Boards, led by KTH Professor Mats Magnusson, including INSEAD Professor Ludo van der Heyden and Digoshen Founder Liselotte Engstam, and first part including Ass Prof Magnus Karlsson, addressing how boards strategically address the innovation and renewal challenge in more effective ways.

During June 2017-May 2019 extensive literature studies. Interviews with board members and guiding participating boards in implementing the results. The literature review covered both academic research and a broad range of reports from corporate sources as advisors and auditors. In-depth interviews were done with fifty board members and experts globally, four board workshops with 120 board members including surveys were held. Insights was added from board education programs at both INSEAD and Swedish Academy of Board Directors, as well as webinar insights from INSEAD Directors Network.







During June 2019-ongoign 2022 additional interviews and board workshops was added, as well as insight from a board evaluation company adding 200 board survey data, and additional education and survey insights including statistical analysis.


The findings indicate that while boards are aware of the importance of corporate renewal and innovation, few has insights into how the board can drive corporate renewal, nor have they implemented a structure approach to govern innovation. The key capabilities boards needs to refine are Sensing of trends and market insight also outside of company insights, Pivoting of the company strategic direction and inititiavies in a timely manor and Aligning the company resources in ambitious manors. The statistical analysis has proven the critical connection between boards Sense, Pivot and Alignment capabilities with Firm results.

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Forthcoming book planned for release Autumn 2022

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Boards AI Leadership (2018-2021)


An academic research project co-funded by Vinnova and led by Professor Robin Teigland, Chalmers University of Technology, together with Digoshen Founder Liselotte Engstam and Fernanda Torre, Visiting teacher at Stockholm School of Economics. Two Partners included the companies Combient and FCG. The research included a broad literature review which covered both academic research and a broad range of reports from corporate sources. Surveys with more than 800 board members from Digoshen surveys, and in-depth interviews were done with forty board members, including from our participating companies and their networks, and in addition with  global experts, two board workshops with 60 board members including surveys were held.

The findings indicate that while boards are aware of the importance of Al implementation as a key competitive advantage,  they will need to develop two competence areas to successfully steward their firms into an Al-based future: [1] guiding Al operational capability and [2] supervising Al governance capability.

Foto above of 4boards research participants including Digoshen Founder Liselotte Engstam, Combient Chair Tom Johnstone and Professor Robin Teigland.

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