Digoshens Chatbot on AI Leadership for Boards

Find more information below about the Chatbot, KnowledgebaseDisclaimer and Example Questions to ask (also ask in your own language).

Click on the Digoshen Boardroom AI Advisor below to access the Chatbot. The chatbot is a trained based on AI Leadership for Boards research and based on OpenAI. You need an account with OpenAI (a free account is ok);


ChatGPT – Boardroom AI Advisor by Digoshen

Guides board members on AI with insights from ‘AI Leadership for Boards – The Future of Corporate Governance’












About the knowledge base

The knowledge base for the Chatbot is based on the book “AI Leadership for Boards – The Future of Corporate Governance”, based on academic research and focuses on the importance of boards developing competence in guiding AI operational capability and supervising AI governance capability in order to successfully govern in a world where AI is increasingly the basis of competitive advantage. The Chatbot provides practical tools for boards to map and develop their AI implementation and includes a set of questions to support boards in addressing these competence areas. The book also discusses the challenges and potential advantages of AI implementation and the need for reskilling the workforce.


As an AI language model, the responses provided by this chatbot are generated by the GPT model version architecture gpt-3.5-turbo. The information provided in the knowledge base is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any specific legal or investment advice.

Questions to Ask (also in your own language)

Find some example questions to consider asking the Digoshen Boards AI Leadership Chatbot; You can copy them or ask your own questions. You can ask the questions in your own language, and ask it to respond in your language.

  • What are the typical challenges for boards in driving AI for the company?
  • What are some of the most important practices boards should implement?
  • Can you share some practical tools for boards?

You can also ask the questions in local language, as the Nordic languages; 

  • Vilka är de viktigaste egenskaperna hos en styrelse för att bli framgångsrik med både AI och affärsresultat? Svara på Svenska


  • Can you describe the Boards 4 AI Leadership Matrix and how boards can use it?
  • What are the  competence areas boards need in guiding AI operational capability?
  • What are the  competence areas boards need in supervising AI governance capability?
  • Can you list some questions a board member should ask themselves?
  • Can you list some questions a board member should ask the CEO and management?



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