Click off Digital Director Program


  • Position yourself digitally as a director and leader via social media
  • Assess risk and opportunities with business social medial and guide company
  • Assess risk and oversight approach for Cyber Sec and guide company
  • Understand and take advantage of digital opportunities for your business


Board Members




Increased competence in four areas;

  • Personal Social Media,
    • enhance own profile
    • use for own bus intelligence
  • Business Social Media
    • Comm w stakeholders
    • Employee Engagement & Social selling
    • Reputational Risk
    • Activist shareholders
  • Cyber Security for Directors
    • Cyber Security and oversight
    • Cyber resilience dos and don’ts
  • Digital Business Impact & Strategies
    • trends, strategy, roadmaps, intervention


Our experienced digital strategist team facilitates workshops, webinars and in parallel the participants learn from online courses and practice with own intervention plan