International Board Exchange Membership

International Board Exchange Membership

for Practicing Board Chairs and Board Members

Members are networking with experienced directors, in an international and future orientated community where they will learn from deep-dive modules that will challenge pre-set thoughts and highlight new good practices. It is based on a time efficient approach with both inclusive live exchanges and asynchronous interactions, that will allow the participants to take the learnings and apply them immediately.

Through access to insights from research, dilemma deep dives, events, as well as to network and senior partners, chairs, board members & business executives will gain increased knowledge and network for improved capability and personal brand.

Digoshen International Board Exchange Membership includes

  • International and future orientated perspectives added to deep experience
  • A trusted  international community of practicing board chairs and board members with ambition to learn, discuss, resolve challenges and grow board leadership experience, insights and network.
  • Live briefings and discussions on current board challenges
  • Board dilemma based deep dive live learning forums
  • Access to discussions and presentations
  • A discussion platform for interactive curated discussions on current board topics and insights
  • Research papers from global experts
  • Opportunity to contribute to board insights think tank and board research
  • Time efficient yet with both live interactions and asynchronous interactions 

Digoshen offers professional development, network and opportunity access for collaboration and exposure.

The network is open for application and will continue with 

> Next cohort for Board Members in Q1 2021

Including deep dive live learning forums incl

  • Boards Guidance of Digital Opportunities, incl Data & AI Leadership
  • Boards Alignment for Purpose, Strategy & Long Term
  • Boards Dynamics
  • Boards Guidance for Corporate Renewal and the New Normal

> Next cohort for Chairs in Q1 2021

Including deep dive live learning forums incl

  • Boards focus & Chairman role
  • Digital & Sustainability Trends and boards role in Strategy
  • Chairs & Boards role in Crisis and Communication
  • Succession handling
  • Board Dynamics and Stewardship

Register your interest asap so you don’t miss the opening, by sharing name, board mandates, your ambition for contributions and gains and which program.