What the World Can Learn From Nordic Boards

What the World Can Learn From Nordic Boards

We surveyed 200 board chairs, directors and CEOs from the four Nordic countries. Additionally we interviewed in detail 60 board members and 44 chairs, among them Jim Hagemann Snabe Chair Siemens, Vice Chair Allianz and former Chair Maersk, Member of Boards Impact Forums Strategic Advisory Board, and Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Chair Posti, BoConcept, TCM Group et al,  Vice Chair Anora Group/ Previous Chair Finnish Altia. 

The Research initiative was headed by INSEAD Professor Stanslav Shekshnia, together with Steen Buchreiz Jeanine and Liselotte Engstam, both members of Boards Impact Forums Supervisory Board.

We identified five paradoxes that distinguish the “Nordic board approach”, which provides practical insights for boards everywhere.

  • Engagement with and still independence from shareholders
  • Small yet diverse boards
  • Non-executive but committed directors
  • Combining shareholder and environmental and social value creation perspectives
  • Inclusive yet effective board process

Learn more in the INSEAD Knowledge Article What the World can learn from Nordic Boards 

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And for more deep dive read the book Leading a Board: Chair practices across Europe.

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