Focus Advancing Board

Focus Advancing Board 



  • Create awareness of trends and implications for own board 
  • Clarify Board Innovation & Renewal  Adjustment Principles
  • Focus Session on impact topic as  AI, Cyber Resilience, Data Governance, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Ecosystems, Responsible Governance, Sustainability 
  • Evaluate & Prioritize Board Innovation Adjustment Principles and Ambition level 
  • Own position feedback 
  • Alignment Renewal Agenda
  • Initiative planning & Dashboard  



Board, Owners, Leadership Team


  • In-depth understanding of Principles Impacting board renewal focus and effectiveness 
  • Insight into Focus assignment and impact of focus area on board.
  • Insight into boards position and ambition
  • Clarified renewal agenda
  • Agreed actions and monitoring 


 Our experienced business, strategy & board advisors facilitate workshop(s), including pre-workshop surveys and post-workshop, complemented with interviews, surveys and follow-up webinar(s)