June 2024

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  • Considerations for Board Members navigating AI Experimental Models


    What Board Members Can Learn from Apple’s Latest AI Announcement The release of Apple Intelligence marks a significant trend in AI experimentation involving various model types: AI models, usage models, business models, and future mental models. This blog post explores these developments and highlights the critical lessons and actions board members can take to drive […]

  • GenAI in Board Work


    Award-Winning Thesis on GenAI in Board Decision-Making – StrateGAIze We are so immensely proud of the graduating Master students Elton Carlsson and Filip Andersson from Halmstad University.   Their exceptional work earned them the 2024 Best Business and Economics Master Thesis award for their “StrateGAIze: A Study on How Generative AI Can Support the Board’s Decision-Making in Strategic […]

  • Rebooting Innovation for a Sustainable and AI-Driven Future


    In today’s fast-paced world, innovation has never been more critical—or more challenging. Companies globally are prioritizing innovation like never before, yet many are struggling to deliver on their aspirations. The 2024 report from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reveals a paradox: while 83% of companies rank innovation among their top three priorities, only 3% are […]

  • Cultivating Dynamic Board Capabilities for Increased Value Creation


    In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, boards must embrace risk, develop dynamic capabilities, and prioritize sustainability to drive long-term value creation and organizational impact. This was the core message from a recent webinar hosted by the Boards Impact Forum, BIF, where experts shared their insights on navigating the complexities of modern governance. Key Takeaways from […]