GenAI in Board Work

Award-Winning Thesis on GenAI in Board Decision-Making – StrateGAIze

We are so immensely proud of the graduating Master students Elton Carlsson and Filip Andersson from Halmstad University.


Their exceptional work earned them the 2024 Best Business and Economics Master Thesis award for their “StrateGAIze: A Study on How Generative AI Can Support the Board’s Decision-Making in Strategic Matters”.

The Digoshen founder Liselotte Engstam had the privilege to mentor them alongside with their academic supervisor Professor Jonas Gabrielsson.



They are not just brilliant, but also empathetic and fun individuals.

A heartfelt thank you for the flowers and the collaboration, Elton and Filip!







About the study

Due to the rapidly evolving business landscape and technological advancements, board members encounter significant challenges. Board members face an overwhelming amount of information, still like timely acces to some information, complicating their decision-making processes and struggle to stay updated on new technologies.


The study, based on interviews with European board professionals and literature search, found that board members find it difficult to stay informed about the latest technologies. Generative AI can effectively analyze and summarize large datasets, offering new perspectives and reducing biases in the decision-making process.

Some of the areas found that Gen AI can augment board members, AI can;

  • gather relevant information more efficiently than board members, but still relies on human judgment for final decisions.
  • identify risks and calculate potential returns, supporting board members’ evaluations.
  • help generate strategic options through scenario analysis, though confidential data and contextual expertise remain crucial.
  • analyze and summarize vast amounts of data quickly, aiding in information prioritization.
  • act as a neutral party to mitigate human biases, but board members must critically evaluate AI outputs.

Generative AI holds substantial potential for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of board decision-making processes. This advancement carries significant implications for investors, boards, companies, as well as their supporters and providers.


Webinar and Peer Exchange

Take the opportunity to listen to them and the outcome of the study, on June 27, 3:30 – 5 PM CET, join the exciting webinar and peer exchange organized by Boards Impact Forum in collaboration with Digoshen.

Listen to Elton, Filip, Professor Jonas Gabrielsson and also related ongoing insights from MIT Sloan’s Dr. Stephanie Woerner, along with Nordic Chairs Ingrid Stenmark and Birger Steen.


Read more and sign up to join the webinar

We will share the thesis as it becomes released.


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