January 2024

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  • Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors


    During tough times, we learn resilience and creativity and to put things in perspective, qualities that don’t develop in easy conditions. It teaches us to value difficulties, not as mere obstacles, but as opportunities to become more capable and adaptable. Eventually the storm will calm down, leaving us more insightful and prepared for the future. […]

  • Navigating Davos 2024: Key Insights for Board Members


    The 2024 Davos Agenda, a pivotal gathering of global leaders during January 16 to 19, is marked by pressing topics that range from climate change to the advancements in artificial intelligence. This year’s theme, “Rebuilding Trust” acknowledge the need to rebuild faith in light of global challenges. This blog post aims to provide board members […]

  • Navigating Future Risks and Opportunities


    Navigating Future Risks and Opportunities: Insights from WF Global Risks Report 2024 In today’s rapidly evolving world, understanding and preparing for future challenges is crucial. The World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks Report 2024” provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential risks facing our global community, while also shedding light on the hopeful strategies that corporations […]