Accelerating boards climate and sustainability transition

A major effort during the spring of 2021 was done when we established a new board forum – Boards Impact Forum – the Nordic Chapter of Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with World Economic Forum.  
The purpose of the forum is to engage board directors in Nordics and internationally, to accelerate climate actions and innovation for sustainable business and a sustainable world.

The forum is intended for Board Directors to:
• raise ambition and accelerate climate actions and innovation for sustainable businesses and a sustainable world
• learn about boards’ impact and approaches to handle climate risks and opportunities in broader sustainability issues
• engage with peers and build on the leadership shown by the Nordics in innovation, sustainability and the unique Nordic Corporate Governance model

We spent time going through our connections and also with some of their help we managed to recruit an amazing group of strategic, academic and expert advisors that has joined us as advisors and in the the board and operations committe.

Lise Kingo, the former CEO of UN Global Compact, NED at Sanofi and also board colleague at Boards Impact Forum, shared an inspiring blogpost with the heading  “The time has come for climate competent Board Directors” based on the fact that the world is changing at an incredible pace and in the midst of the pandemic, global executives are ranking climate change the most serious societal threat to their business over the next decade.

We held the forum kickoff on March 22 2021 with two impressive webinars and some amazing speakers and panelists and more than 650 participants signed up, the event followed the topics of “Board Leadership: Innovation, Sustainability and Nordic Corporate Governance Model”  and “Chair roles and practices that drive sustainability and value creation” and the recordings can be found here

The kickoff was part of an inaugural event where the climate governance Initiativ held webinars all over the world during March 23 -26, many insightful webinars with experienced leaders and board members and well worth going back to and see the recordings available via this link

We are now setting off to recruit more partners and getting the forum established and we have already signed up some great future webinars as

Success across Generations: Leading Family Business Boards with Sustainable

Sustainability Leadership, A Swedish Approach to Transforming your Company,

Competence for Strategic Sustainable Business

Find the new webinars here

You are welcome to sign up as member or supporter

Liselotte Engstam is the proud Chair of Boards Impact Forum.

This blogpost is also shared at the Liselotte Engstams blog.