Enhance Your Digital Presence as an Executive or Board Director

How to contribute to your businesses by controlling your digital presence and a professional website

We are launching a series of blog posts and webinars to address the huge potential for Executives and Board Directors to make a bigger impact through a strong digital presence. In this first article, we are sharing our experiences of establishing a website to facilitate an impactful Executive presence beyond social media. Upcoming articles and webinars will cover strategies and tips on how to leverage the most important social media platforms as an Executive to listen, monitor and position the company and individual brand without spending too much time.

How to contribute to your businesses by controlling your digital presence and a professional website

Over the last years, we have seen some Board Directors and Executives gradually show up more and engage through a stronger, digital presence. They are starting to embrace the opportunities in listening and engaging more fully with professional stakeholders via digital platforms and social media.

The advantages are numerous and primarily found in increased positive brand awareness for both company and person, as well as a positive impact on company culture and long-term building of trust, enhancing the professional reputation of the businesses and individuals. These Executives and Directors have realized that investors, analysts, employees, business partners, customers, future customers and future employees expect them to show up and engage digitally.

Moreover, nominating committees and headhunters more frequently perceive the candidate’s digital presence and behavior as a contributing component when preparing the shortlist.

In short, as an Executive or Board Director, you need to show up professionally also digitally to stay relevant in business, no matter if you are looking for your next assignment or not.

Despite this, we see that only a fraction of Executives and Board Directors have yet established their own website supported by a strategic social media presence to reach out digitally in a professional way by sharing content and inspiring their stakeholders. As a minimum, maintaining the LinkedIn profile, engaging in LinkedIn groups and tuning into trends and conversations via Twitter and other relevant social platforms are all required activities. However, you do not control the terms and conditions of these social media, nor the functionality or design offered which may be far off your preference.

At Digoshen, we have helped Executives and Board Directors establish their digital presence including their own website for years. We are convinced that they are benefitting tremendously from having their own, and fully controlled, personal yet professional website to create resonance with their stakeholders. Preferred social media profiles can easily integrate with website platforms, and minimize the risk of redundant information. In this way, the personal website serves as a hub for the Executive or Director, allowing him or her to introduce themselves and reach out beyond the fixed formats and restricted visual design opportunities provided by social media platforms.

As a busy Executive or Director: Does this sound like a big commitment and time-consuming initiative? It does not have to be either or.

The tools, integrations, and resources required are much easier to use and less expensive than just a few years ago. Your biggest challenge is to make the decision to show up and provide answers to the following questions:

1. How do you want to be perceived by others?
2. What do you want to share with your professional stakeholders?
3. Where do your most important stakeholders hang out, and how can you bring them to your digital arena?

If you are interested in learning more about our experiences from supporting Executives and Board Directors in this area, you are welcome to join our free of charge webinar series via the link below. We will answer your questions live or via mail if you take part of the webinar replay in the future.

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