Guided by podcasts in a complex world

It’s a fast moving, increasingly complex and intertwined world. The top three global risks are currently Fiscal Crises, Cyberattacks and Unemployment, as shared by World Economic Forum in their recent report “Regional Risk of Doing Business 2019”.

To stay on top of trends and market insights and help our businesses and societies to continue to prosper, we need to keep-ourselves updated at an increasing speed. A great way to quickly and easily consume insights is to listen to Podcasts.

On a quarterly basis, we at Digoshen provide a list of a dozen relevant podcasts from areas as digital innovation, leadership, and sustainability.

For the autumn of 2019 our “Digoshen recommends” list of podcasts include podcasts as “Three Big Points” from MIT Sloan, “A16z” from Andressen & Horowitz, “Disrupt Yourself” with Whitney Johnson, “Insead Knowledge“, and don’t miss the “Singularity Hub Daily” read to you by an Artificial Intelligence bot.., and many more.

We provide an extra service this time for our Swedish audience and we have curated a list of Swedish Podcasts under “Digoshen Rekommenderar” including podcasts as “Cyber Talks“, “Feminvest“, “Framtidsstudion” and more.

The curated lists of “Boards & Governance Podcasts” was also updated, including podcasts as “Future Fluency“, “ESG now“, “Boardroom Bound” and many more.

Listen to Podcasts on your smartphone.
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More on how to listen, find and organize your podcasts, you find in the blogpost How smart leaders get ahead finding and organising podcasts

Explore the podcasts and let us know what you think. You find them and more inspiring podcasts at Digoshen Recommended Podcasts 

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