Recommended Podcasts for Advancing Leaders

Ambitious leaders and board members need to stay updated on trends and insights impacting their business and their leadership. At Digoshen we support advancing managers taking leadership in the digital age. Listening to podcasts is a great use of spare time for many leaders during for example travel time, which might sometimes feel inefficient. To facilitate podcast consumptions we selects a dozen relevant podcasts each quarter from areas as future trends, leadership, innovation, sustainability and digital impact.

This second quarter 2018 “Digoshen recommends” list of podcasts helps you stay ahead, and includes podcasts as “Think Digital Futures”, “The Leadership Podcast”, “O’Reilly Radar”, “Corporate Unplugged”, our own “Exploring Leaders” and several more.

Check out these and other podcasts at Digoshen Recommended Podcasts 

If you have yet to learn more about listening and organising your podcasts, check out our lesson on this topic via this blogpost How smart leaders get ahead finding and organising podcasts. We hope you explore the podcasts and let us know what you think, and if you maybe have other podcasts to recommend for busy leaders.