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  • Turid Solvang CEO FutureBoards

        Turid Solvang CEO FutureBoards shares her perspective on why corporate governance needs to adapt to new realties, to include sustainability and stakeholder perspective.   Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.  and read more at the Digoshen Insights Blogpost   Board work needs to adapt to new realities with Turid SolvangBoard work needs to adapt to […]

  • INSEAD Professor Nathan Furr

      INSEAD Professor Nathan Furr outlines how leaders and boards can take charge and lead into the future by Envisioning the future, Break the bottlenecks and Navigate the unknown Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.  and read more at the Digoshen Insights Blogpost   

  • Exploring Leaders: Learn from Chair Pia Gideon

      Pia Gideon, Chair at listed, private, governmental owned companies, Chairman Program Teacher and Coach. Pia believes that corporate governance needs to be aligned to the company s challenge and ownership structure and that the focus setting and facilitating role of the chairman is crucial for the boards success. Pia shares valuable experiences from her board positions. […]

  • Carl Magnus Norden, Volta Trucks

    Carl Magnus Norden is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of the disruptive venture Volta trucks. Carl Magnus is also the President of INSEAD Alumni Sweden, and shares the story of his journey up until his latests startup that he started at 64 years old and how he utilised his built up experience and network […]

  • Gamechanging plan for Individuals

    Responsible Leadership for a Game Changing plan means as an Individual, you need to find the signals of future trends, building on your strengths and capabilities, finding the worthy purpose and main areas where you like to have your mission to be able to add value. You need to clarify your ambition in those areas […]

  • Gamechanging plan for Business

      Responsible Leadership for a Game Changing plan means as a Business or Organisation to monitor strategic trends and signals, outline scenarios for potential futures, define your viable purpose to achieve a better future and create the best value creation opportunities based on scenarios and the capabilities possible to build on, outline the value propositions […]

  • Megatrend Urbanisation & Migration

      Megatrend: Urbanisation & Migration The rapid urbanisation is already ongoing, with many smart city initiatives to handle the impact. Some of the other trends in planet resource challenges and power shifts are increasingly moving more people into migration. Currently about half of the world’s population lives in cites and that will grow to about […]