• Megatrend Urbanisation & Migration

      Megatrend: Urbanisation & Migration The rapid urbanisation is already ongoing, with many smart city initiatives to handle the impact. Some of the other trends in planet resource challenges and power shifts are increasingly moving more people into migration. Currently about half of the world’s population lives in cites and that will grow to about […]

  • Megatrend Social & Work Change

     Megatrend: Social & Work Change The trend that will impact many of us will be the demographic and social change. Many of our societies and companies are built for a different outset. We will be challenged in our welfare systems, our ways of working and our trust of societies, companies, politicians, news and each other. […]

  • Megatrend De-Globalisation & power Shift

      Megatrend: De-Globalisation & Power Shift Population growth drives the regional growth in Asia and Africa to far surpass Europe and Americas growth. We will experience a challenge to our globalisation and we will see power shifts taking place. We are also challenged to find agreement and a more equitable and fairer world.  The average […]

  • Megatrend Technology Innovation

      Megatrend: Technology Innovation This trend includes both rapid advancement and is exponential at its core. It builds on previous technology breakthroughs as Internet, social media, digitalisation of our companies and societies. In the coming years, the way we work, fight, age, communicate, solve problems, travel, trade, exchange information, live in cities, solve crimes, do […]

  • Megatrend Planet Resource Challenges

      Megatrend: Planet Resource Challenges This trend of climate change and resource scarcity is now on top of many responsible people, governments and company’s agendas, as its force of impacting the future is of existential importance. We will see climate impact continue to challenge us, and we urgently need to use technologies and circular and […]

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