Leading chairs of the future excels in four areas



The Chair f the board of directors plays a critical role in an organizations governance and leadership We have researched the important role of Chair of Boards of Directors in Sweden and rest of Europe.


The leading Chairs of the future excels in four areas;

  • They effectively engage and lead the board on the issues that matters most– they balance between the controlling focus and guiding for development, they balance the focus on the past and versus the future
    • Chair practice tip – Start the board meeting with a question and go around the table. Have they seen something that they believe can affect the company? This has two effects – most board members start to focus more on what could impact the company, and additionally, when everyone has had their say once at the meeting, it will be easier for them to speak up the next time.
  • They effectively engage the board for effective impact – one major challenge here is the time pressure, – finding ways to share information also between meetings and create working groups that prepare questions together with management might help
    • Chair practice tip – make sure that the more strategic or complex issues that needs to be debated will be placed early on the board agenda, while members still have the energy for the discussion.
  • They effectively engage and guide the CEO – creating trust and challenge for innovative thinking and high ambition is important
    • Chair practice tip – ask the CEO to add one or two questions to the most important agenda items, it gives the board time to prepare and makes all participants get on the same page and better solve challenges
  • They effectively engage with prioritised stakeholders – they listen to owners, employees, partners and even customers.
    • Chair practice tip – regularly invite customers to the board meeting and ask them to share their vision for the future.
For Swedish readers, you can listen to me sharing the Chair tips in the excellent Orförandekalendern – a video advent calendar in Swedish arranged by Chair Petra Palmgren Lindwall

Lucka 20 Ordförandekalendern med Liselotte Hägertz Engstam

Det här är julkalendern för dig som är eller vill bli styrelseordförande, ledamöter, ägare och andra styrelseintresserade. I varje lucka kommer du få en styrelseordförandes bästa tips om gott ordförandeskap. Initiativet till kalendern är taget av Petra Palmgren Lindwall i syfte att skapa god förutsättningar för ett gott ordförandeskap för ett riktigt bra styrelsearbete.










You are also welcome to read a deep dive on the topic in a guest blogpost that I recently shared at the the BoardClic blog. Boardclic provides Chairs with a necessary tool, a modern way of continously evaluate and improve the boards focus and performance

The critical role of the Chair

Businesses face increasing pressure across a broad set of issues, including a looming recession, geopolitical and climate change impact, and digital disruption. Balancing short-term and long-term priorities is increasingly essential and the strain on top leaders is intense. The role of the Chair is increasingly critical for success in a progressively uncertain corporate environment.















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