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  • Digoshen 2019 Digital Advent Calendar


    Welcome to your daily inspiration during December 1 to 24 in our Digoshen 2019 Advent Calendar. Get insights, inspirations and share with your network. Link to Digoshen 2019 Advent Calendar  We wish all customers, partners and global network a fruitful ending of 2019!

  • The Board’s role in strategy, governing ecosystems, and artificial intelligence


    The board dinner event, “The Board’s role in strategy, governing ecosystems and artificial intelligence”, held in Stockholm, Sweden in mid November 2019, was co-organized by two board research projects: SISU Boards led by Professor Mats Magnusson of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and 4Boards.ai led by Professor Robin Teigland of Chalmers University of Technology and by Chairman Liselotte Engstam of Digoshen/Innovisa engaged in both research projects. […]

  • Guided by podcasts in a complex world


    It’s a fast moving, increasingly complex and intertwined world. The top three global risks are currently Fiscal Crises, Cyberattacks and Unemployment, as shared by World Economic Forum in their recent report “Regional Risk of Doing Business 2019”. To stay on top of trends and market insights and help our businesses and societies to continue to prosper, we need to keep-ourselves […]

  • How boards impact, and are impacted by, AI


    Boards will impact the usage of AI much before it enters the boardroom itself. Robin Teigland and Liselotte Hägertz Engstam are working with forward-leading boards to explore how they can contribute to corporate renewal. Their aim is to formulate and spread new practices across boardrooms. BACKGROUND Global leaders across industries expect AI to have a […]

  • Time for reflection – with podcasts as inspiration!


    Summer time is a time for reflection, getting new inspiration and potentially changing your habits. What better ways than to get into the habit of listening and get inspiration from Podcasts, the increasingly popular and easily consumed medium.  On a quarterly basis we at Digoshen provide a list of a dozen relevant podcasts from areas as digital innovation, leadership and sustainability. For the […]

  • Remove the Digital Blind Spots – Time to Re-Imagine! – with Prof Sunil Gupta


    Digital blind spots hinder our progress At several of my recent keynote presentations, I have interactively surveyed the audience and received some surprising responses. The responses indicated that the areas where leaders need to be more curious and explore are often the areas where the leaders are most vacant. It is a digital blind spot that […]