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AI as a Service disrupting & adding creativity from Board Work to Art

Generative AI 

We will see exponential disruption and increased opportunities now that Artificial Intelligence is becoming available as “AI as a Service” 


One of the most important trend in tech the coming year is the next generation power of AI where generative AI models be able to consume, process, transform and produce new output.

For many organisations it will mean that they can think of AI as a service, and access new APIs giving access to the AI models, and also create new APIs for their own value propositions.

Those AI models will become sophisticated much quicker, as AI is trained with data, and when the pooling of training AI models increases, they will learn faster and be more useful faster.

It will have a tremendous impact on all organisations and businesses. The tech industry and all businesses will be looking for talents that are entrepreneurial, gritty and relentless. Listen to this 2 minute viedeo with Box CEO Aron Levie sharing his two cents on the topic

One of the new AI tools are ChatGPT from OpenAI. If you haven’t tried it, it is simply a must.

It can support anything from finding articles, supporting a structure of most important items on a topic, what to consider or even write and debug programming code. The breath of opportunities and disruption is vast.


Boardroom Creativity

The boardrooms will look for more curious mindset members that are figuring out the future value creation from this new disruption.

An inspirational source is the newly released Boardroom Creativty book by the Digoshen Partners Fennemiek Gommer and Anne Mieke Eggenkamp. The Caracta leaders had their book launch in Amsterdam, and already during the first week the book is a bestseller!

One of the concepts in Boardroom Creativity is the importance of positivity when describing your future directions. Talking about the future as an opportunity inspires people in a more sustainable way than communicating risks ever can. You will only inspire people to act when your story about the future combines the rational and the emotional, touching people’s minds and hearts. Storytelling is a key creative leadership skill in transformation journeys.” – Fennemiek Gommer

With ChatGPT Non-Executive Board Members can get support with generating reports, summaries, and insights that can help directors stay informed and make more informed decisions. It can also be used to assist in the preparation of board materials, such as minutes and agenda items, by generating draft text which can then be reviewed and edited by human. Additionally, a language model can be used to assist non-executive board directors in their monitoring and oversight role by analyzing large amounts of unstructured data such as news articles, press releases, and social media posts, to identify potential risks and opportunities for the company.

AI is now also being trained in cooperation rather than competition. Meta’s New AI tool is ranked in the Top 10% at the Game ‘Diplomacy’, which better than most humans. Will be interesting when the worlds leaders and boards can be AI trained for better collaboration as the route to achieve both prosperity, sustainability and peace.

Finding Possibility in Uncertainty with Nathan and Susannah Furr are increasingly valid options to explore. Their research shares a toolbox grouped into Prime, Reframe, Do and Sustain and is a useful tool for all creative leaders.

As shared previously New value creations is needed for the experience Economy, Learn from intentional Thought Leader Joe Pine


Generative AI Art

Another area under debate is the transformation of Art, and usage of generative AI. There are several AI tools that can be used to generate or recreate arts and images, based on input from both text, images and previous paintings.

One of the leading AI generative artists Refik Anadol was recently invited to join World Economic Forum in Davos, to share about his perspective and artwork. A truly amazing story on how generative art can dream (and you get a taste in the video of how it is to stand in a dreaming AI machine) and make people aware and interested in sustainability topics as saving the coral reefs in risk of extinction due to climate change.


Virtual Exhibition Cunniculus Annus Mirabilis Family

Taking inspiration from the new hopeful Lunar year of the Water Rabbit, and the magic powers of generative AI, the Cunniculus Annus Mirabilis Virtual Art exhibition was created to motivate moving towards Prosperity, Sustainability and Peace.

Come and meet Ianius Alius, Maius Initio and all their brothers and sisters. Some will be digitally recreated before your eyes in the virtual exhibition made by the RoboArtista Novisali (alias for Digoshen Founder).

Which of the family members reminds most of you? Or which do you find most inspiration from?

How are you exploring the future of generative AI?

To the Virtual Exhibition of the >>  Cunniculus Annus Mirabilis (UPDATED: photos from the exhibition, now closed)


Expand insights with Art & Culture Experiments

Expand your insights on what AI can do in a fun arty way with the help of Googles Art & Culture Experiments:

> reflect on how Art objects are linked via X degrees of Separation

> experience a moment of Calm by connecting to the Rhythm of Nature

> create pollinator friendly garden and see the seasons


More deep dives about generative AI and applications in different industries

A 2022 McKinsey survey shows that AI adoption has more than doubled over the past five years, and investment in AI is increasing in pace.

And another article from McKinsey outlines how Generative AI could change your business

Thomas H Davenport is outlining in Harvard Business Review how AI is changing creative world

Sequoia, a leading venture capital firm, has outlined in an article the applications of generative AI and the progress seen and to be expected

A deep dive about generative models from the blog of Open AI

and on Generative AI Art

Book Artist Machine World AI Powered Creativity



Concluding with a remark and article from World Economic Forum

“Above all, the fundamental question for 2023 remains not whether AI systems can be accurate and efficient,  but rather how should they be used and to what degree.


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