Insights and energy from international experience exchanges

One of the most important leadership treats, when going through transformation and during a crisis, is to ensure reflections from ongoing exchange of learnings.

It is very challenging to create time for anything else than ongoing operations and board work. However, the difference with leaders moving faster into the new normal is making room for short, but valuable, space for experience exchange and reflections. Reflections where they can, in a trusted environment with like-minded board members and leaders on an international level, share, get insights, get energy and create new theories of action for an improved future perspective. 

At Digoshen, our international experienced practicing team, facilitate virtual international experience exchanges on current business impact topics, between practicing board members since a while back, and based on feedback we will also start up the same for practicing business executives and board members jointly.

We are deeply grateful to the participants on our fortnightly international exchange webinars, their valuable sharings and we know from feedback the value they find themselves in this, also proven by their repeat returns. We have had participants from more than 14 countries, with their board and leadership mandates in even more countries.

If you are a practicing board member or a practicing business executives, welcome to register to our exchange webinars. Check out the schedule and welcome to sign up.


We look forward to interact with you and other participants, from our Digoshen International experienced practicing team of

Pia Gideon Sweden, Fennemiek Gommer Netherlands, Leif Fagelstedt Sweden, Fernanda Torre Sweden/Portugal, Anne Mieke Gommer Netherlands and Liselotte Engstam Sweden



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