Megatrend Planet Resource Challenges

  Megatrend: Planet Resource Challenges

This trend of climate change and resource scarcity is now on top of many responsible people, governments and company’s agendas, as its force of impacting the future is of existential importance.

We will see climate impact continue to challenge us, and we urgently need to use technologies and circular and sharing economies to find solutions, and diplomacy to find agreements, for a joint liveable planet. Average temperatures on the planet are forecast to rise by more than two degrees before 2100, much due to the burning of fossil fuels, creating significant and irreversible damage and increasing strain on global resources. Drought and floods will impact crop yields, regional heating and many highly populated costal areas will be in consistent trouble as sea levels rise. The global demand for fresh water will exceed supply by 40% in 2030, and water will be astressed resource, and it seems likely that many cities will be constantly in a state of water shortage. By 2030, the loss in productivity due to the hotter climate will mean the loss of more than 1.7 trillion euros globally. The shift from oil to clean energy will be inevitable, but also how to use energy more efficiently. The coinciding trend with driverless cars will drive for them to be electric to support the climate goals.

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