How smart leaders get ahead by finding and organizing podcasts

Podcasts are continuously growing, engaging many of us, and have become a tool that modern leaders utilize to learn, get inspiration, and sometimes spread their own messages.

In recent research by Edison about podcasting, we learn that:

  • Podcasting continues to rise with monthly listeners growing from 21% to 24% year after year
  • The audience for podcasts is predominately 18-54
  • The Podcast listener remains affluent, educated consumers

Does this demographic describe yourself or any of your target customers, partners, key leaders or employees?

If so, maybe it’s time to get a bit more knowledgeable about what a podcast really is, how to find the good ones, and how to organize your listening.

To get started, we offer a fast-track course to help you get on board. Take our free of charge short course on What is a Podcast?  It helps you with the basics and points you to tools and platforms that can be useful going forward.

We have also put together a list of recommended podcasts for busy leaders who want to get inspiration and insights for help as a leader in the digital age. Take a look and see if you can gain a little bit more insight from the podcast list Digoshen Recommends.

If you want to dig deeper, we have gone slightly further by finding interesting podcasts for busy leaders and have put together podcast lists on subjects that are relevant to leaders and the digital age. You will find podcast lists on digital disruption and insights on Boards, Innovation, Leadership, Sustainability, Engaging Employees, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups.

Do let us know what you think and which podcasts you are most inspired and impacted by. Also, stay tuned for our own Digoshen Podcast coming soon…

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