Webinar on Boards Leadership in Uncertain Times

As we are facing increased speed, uncertainty, business complexity, as well as new opportunities, it will continue to put unprecedented challenges on practicing board members globally.

For our next webinar “Boards Leadership in Uncertain Times” on Tuesday April 14 at 12-13 CET,  we are excited to be joined by highly experienced, practicing NED board member, professor emeritus in corporate governance at INSEAD, Ludo Van Der Heyden and Board and Crises Expert Peter NathanialThey will be sharing a Blueprint for Crisis Management in light of COVID-19, with the concepts Engage, Explore, Explain, Execute and Evaluate, and we will discuss with the participants all our joint experiences in the area.

The webinar will be facilitated by the Digoshen Impact Partners, all practicing board members with global experience. 

We hope you will join us by >>registering here to this webinar Boards Leadership in Uncertain Times. 

We run the fortnightly free Digoshen Board Forum Webinars, with an objective to help us share insights and to find answers on how to:

– stay on top of the most current business impacting topics

– inspire improved board leadership and balance of guidance and supervision

– facilitate speed of sharing with an experienced network and provide opportunity for support exchange

We are excited for the positive engagement and response we had from our previous webinar held on March 30 (which is summarised here).

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