How to get the board to think ahead – here and now

Most boards are challenged with many new disruptions down the road as a result of the ongoing pandemic.
Companies are required to jump ahead in our digital usage and transformation, the geopolitics are at an increased hight of uncertainty, social unrests are growing, and the climate issues are hitting many societies and businesses with unprecedented speed and impact.
And at the same time, the boards and management are heads down monitoring our cashflows and fighting off talent and succession challenges and an unceasing number of cyberattacks.
How do we get our boards to spend time to think ahead, revisit the purpose and help guide the organisation towards a more sustainable business?
We are delighted to have the experienced Chair and NED, Digoshen Impact Partner and Caracta Innovation Partner Fennemiek Gommer guiding us through some required reflections and practices and for us to discuss in our next Digoshen Live Exchange for Practicing International Board Members and Business Executives with at least on Board role.

Join us on September 9 at 8-9 CET in  our next Digoshen Live Exchange on the very current topic  “How to get the board to think ahead – here and now
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