Embrace the Year of the Dragon: Sparking Sustainable AI Innovation

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 starts today, and it is a beacon of immense potential, power, and transformation within the Chinese zodiac. The Dragon is known for its boldness and dynamism, it inspires us to embrace visionary leadership and transformative strategies, urging us to forge ahead with courage and pursue ambitious goals.


In the spirit of the Year of the Dragon, guide your strategies and actions towards a future marked by ethical innovation and sustainable growth:

  1. Strategic Innovation: Ensure a proactive and transformative approach to AI, using this technology to redefine industries and introduce innovative value propositions. Embrace AI for strategic shifts to assert the company’s leadership.
  2. Learning and Talent Development: Emphasize education in AI and its impact potential to ensure that the leaders and the full organization are effectively equipped to leverage AI capabilities and ensure continued learning and sharing of insights.
  3. Marketing and Customer and Stakeholder Engagement: Use AI to enhance customer experiences and engagement strategies, gaining deeper insights into customer behaviors and stakeholder insights. Positioning the company as an AI innovator can also elevate the brand, drawing on the dragon’s association with prestige and power.
  4. Policy and Ethical AI Governance: Revisit the current policies and ensure implementation of appropriate standards in ethical AI use, developing applications with fairness, transparency, and accountability. This strengthens stakeholder trust and aligns AI innovations with societal values and the company’s integrity.
  5. Sustainability Stewardship: Intensify the commitment to leveraging AI in support of sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship. Use AI to optimize resource efficiency, reduce waste, and develop sustainable products and services, demonstrating a profound commitment to the planet and future generations.
  6. Personal Leadership Development: Embrace the dragon’s qualities of courage and wisdom in personal leadership. Focus on enhancing your leadership skills, fostering resilience, strategic thinking, and empathy to inspire teams and lead by example in learning and embracing AI.


For Board members, consider joining;

Reporting and Incentives aligned for Sustainability & Business Feb 16

Fredric Barge, CEO at Reward Value, former  KPMG Partner and HR Exec, will share his insights on remuneration and guidebook launched by them at the recent WEF Davos event, Jane Thostrup Jagd, Director, Net Zero Finance at We Mean Business Coalition, ISSB Advisory Group, Nasdaq Sustainable Financings Nordic Advisory Group will share her insights from the reporting and its impact.

Generative AI and Boards Mar 5

Mats Agervi, CEO Combinet (repr 35 large Nordic Co) share insights on companies and boards integration of Ai and Benete Sollid Storeghaug will share insisghts on bords role in AI and digital transformation.

Boards Oversight of Responsible AI for Value Creation Mar – May

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As we embrace the Year of the Dragon, let it empower us to navigate our times with wisdom and agility, leading to achievements that surpass expectations.

Wishing you an extraordinary year ahead, filled with the prosperity, health, and joy that the Dragon symbolizes.


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