Megatrend Urbanisation & Migration

  Megatrend: Urbanisation & Migration

The rapid urbanisation is already ongoing, with many smart city initiatives to handle the impact. Some of the other trends in planet resource challenges and power shifts are increasingly moving more people into migration. Currently about half of the world’s population lives in cites and that will grow to about 60%, ranging from 81% in developed countries vs. 56% in the developing world. More mega cities will be created. Urban agriculture will need to rapidly expand.

Between seas, heat, and shifts in water availability, mass migrations will be likely. Data-driven technologies that make buildings, the grid, roadways, and water systems substantially more efficient. By 2030, air passenger numbers may have nearly doubled to more than 7 billion – most of which will be from the Asian middle class. Air freight may triple and port handling of maritime containers worldwide could quadruple by 2030.

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