Renewal for sustainable business, how and for whom? 

A survey of 21000 people in 28 countries done by World Economic Forum, found that 86% of people want a more equitable and sustainable world after the pandemic.

Many companies find themself in a need to jump forward two to five years in their digitalisation journey, following the behavioural and structural changes with their customers and in their markets.

On September 30 at 8-9 AM CET Digoshen runs another open topical Live Session with participants, board professionals and business executive with at least one board role from across the world, on the topic: Renewal for sustainable business, how and for whom? 

The framing will include sharings by Liselotte Engstam and Fernanda Torre on balancing business and societal value, sorting out materiality and how to guide innovation initiatives for sustainability.  Followed by discussions with other international board members and leaders.

Welcome to join us for a valuable and insightful input to a necessary shift coming for all our companies.

Sign up via our new exciting platform Digoshen Exploring Leaders, that will also give you access to more valuable content for ambitious board professionals and business excecutives, that wants to make a difference.

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We look forward to meet you on this important topic.

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