Announcement of Digoshen Chatbot AI Leadership for Boards!

Generative Artificial Intelligence will change our companies, our ways of learning, our creativity, and our lives. As ambitious Board Members and Leaders we must find all different ways of learning what it can do and how it can be used.

We are therefore proud to announce that we have now turned the book “AI Leadership for Boards, The future of Corporate Governance” into the future – we turned it into Digoshen CHATBOT AI Leadership for Boards!

The AI Leadership for Boards book is a result of an Academic Research project led by Professor Robin Teigland, Chalmers University of Technology, together with Fernanda Torre, CEO of Next Agents, Teacher at House of Innovation at Stockholm School of Economics and at Hyper Island, and by Digoshen Founder, Chair and NED Liselotte Engstam.


”The best way to look at innovation and opportunities is to is to think about the missed opportunities. We are going into the future where risk used to be an area we could control but snow we are in the area of uncertainty. The boards that move now to see how it will affect their industry will be the winners”- Liselotte Engstam, Founder Digoshen, Char and NED

The global DCRO institute recently shared an article on the topic ”AI and the board, 6 areas directors must consider”, which included an interview with Digoshen Founder Liselotte Engstam, amongst others. The insight from Engstam is based both on academic research, own hands on experience, as well as board experience.



The next coding language will be English. A proof point for that has been provided by the CTO of Westpac. David Walker. He divided 60 coders into four groups and gave them the same challenge. The teams working using AI tools from Microsoft, Amazon and OpenAi got a whopping 46% productivity improvement over the team that used traditional coding. And provided similar quality in code quality, security and maintainability. Which is an amazing result we all need to consider, and even as the tools are in their infancy. Learn more about the experiment here

According to Gartner has ChatGpt made 45% of Executives to increase spending in AI although most companies are still in exploration phases. Irving Wladavsky-Berger, previous CTO of IBM, concludes that the Current State of AI is a tale of two worlds. We have seen Open Ais ChatGPT showcase both emergent unexpected capabilities and potential risks. However the state of AI in mostenterprises are still in the early stages and have not achieved significant outcomes.

In a recent research by Greg Halvorsen he found that AI, when paired with critical thinking and creative skills, can enhance the understanding of complex problems and foster innovation as shared in the HBR article “AI can help you Ask Better Questions – and Solve bigger Problems” . AI can be used to strengthen the inquiry abilities and lead to breakthrough thinking and create better conditions by embracing uncertainty.

This should put a bit of pressure on a lot of advisory and thought leadership firms? 50% of McKinseys consultants already use ChatGpt. However, many of these firms have long lived with a dual mindset of paranoia and pragmatism why they can keep themselves nimble amid changing market dynamics as outline by David Lancefield and Prof Birkinshaw on How Professional Services firms dodged disruption.



Most Private Equity companies are now revisiting their holding companies and pushing them on this exploration. Boards needs to take a similar active role and learn themselves at speed.


How are you learning more about AI to improve your ability to guide your company into the future? And how are you coaching in an AI led world?


We hope the above insights has made you more curious to increase your insight as a board member and leader and we now

Welcome you to try the Digoshen Chatbot AI Leadership for Boards:  



Additional Learning Opportunites

As board members and leaders, we need to continue to develop our coaching capabilities. A great opportunity to learn more on how to coach on, and with, AI at the Conference “Unleashing Human Intelligence in an AI world”.  The conference is arranged by Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School, where Digoshen Founder is a Fellow, and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. 

You might also consider join the Modern Board Program provided by IN-Board Academy 2023, in collaboration with INSEAD and McKinsey. The Board Program will be held over four Fridays and Saturdays during the autumn, starting in end of August.


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