Digital Business Assessment & Insight Workshop

Are you looking for executive foresight and insights to advance the business strategy?

Which trends and scenarios will impact your short and long-term business strategy?

Which capabilities do you have in place in your organization to transform successfully in the digital age, and which capabilities do you need to build organizationally as well as individually as a leader?

Which actions should you take now to advance your business strategy align your organization and leadership?

These and more questions get answered during our Digital Business Assessment & Insight Workshop for board members and executives who are looking to elevate their understanding and get support in prioritizing

Before the workshop
We analyze the digital business and leadership capabilities in your organization and for your individual leaders.

During the workshop, you will learn more about

  • Background and trends having an impact on the strategy of your organization
  • How your organization compare to others in the same industry
  • Which focus areas you should explore more upon revisiting your business strategy
  • The critical success factors when transforming your business into the digital age
  • Hints & tips on monitoring trends, innovation leadership, and effective strategy work
  • Prioritized action plan

After the workshop
We revisit the implementation plan and answer the questions that showed up when you went back to your business as usual.

Delivery & Inquiries
The workshop is delivered fully or partly via digital platforms, allowing you to preserve as much as possible from the workshop for future in-house learning and engagement purposes.

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