Gamechanging plan for Individuals

Responsible Leadership for a Game Changing plan means as an Individual, you need to work through

  • to find the signals of future trends,
  • building on your strengths and capabilities,
  • finding the worthy purpose and main areas where you like to have your mission to add value. You need to
  • clarify your ambition in those areas for both and short and long term,
  • define your value proposition as a leader or board member
  • develop your coaching ability to ask empowering questions and foster self-generated insights and goal-clarity
  • find the resources or partners to co-develop and/ or support you on the journey, and
  • find ways to experiment and find inspiration and energy to stay the course.

The expectations on leaders to handle complex and conflicting demands, requires successful leaders to combine the paradox traits of six roles:

  • Strategic Executor – Has bold ideas as well as practical capabilities needed to realize visions
  • Tech-Savvy Humanist – Drives technology enhancements to generate future success while remembering that organizations are run by people, for people
  • High-Integrity Politician-Navigates the organizational dynamics to make things happen while remaining highly principled
  • Humble Hero – Has the confidence to act decisively in an uncertain world and the humanity to admit mistakes
  • Globally minded localist – Navigates a world that is increasingly both global and localized, looking for places where scale truly matters
  • Traditioned Innovator– Uses the past to help direct the company’s success while also creating a forward-focsed culture that allows for innovation, failure, learning and growth

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our own light.” — Brené Brown

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